212 Degrees Personal Training Grande Prairie

Personal Training is delivered in small groups or on a one-on-one bases. Team training is also available year-round. Find out why you should train at 212°.

212 Degrees Fitness Classes Grande Prairie

Various fitness classes are held at 212°. Limited class sizes provide premium personal service. Learn more about our classes.

Make a commitment. Take an action. We're with you every step of the way.

You can be faster, stronger, focused, fitter. Run further, stretch deeper, reach higher. It only takes one thing to reach your goals - you.

212 Degrees Yoga Classes Grande Prairie

Yoga instructors at 212° are expertly trained. Classes are capped at 20 students to extend an intimate, relaxing atmosphere. See why Yoga at 212° is a unique experience.

212 Degrees Corporate Challenges Grande Prairie

Support healthy choices for your staff while improving your bottom line. Discover how Corporate Challenges benefit you vit d3

Change. It's Scary.

Fear of failure, of commitment, of action, even fear of success. The team at 212° understands fear - and how to overcome it.

Our trainers and instructors have all been affected by the change you want to undertake. They reached a point in their lives where they said, "Hey. Enough is enough. I'm in charge now." They are all proof of what is possible with hard work and commitment with action. And they help make that change possible for you.

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The Extra Degree Philosophy

We love this philosophy and this video. Check it out - it might just be the best three minutes of your day!

Our Mission

212° was created to impact the lives in our community through fitness programs, education, products, philosophies and mantra. To instill in the lives of people the value of health and fitness, our passionate and dedicated team of experts are committed to the highest level of service. We have formed an atmosphere where everyone feels accepted and respected; a culture where everyone is comfortable and welcome and feels that sense of community.